Hi, my name is Alan Ayoub
I'm a Full-Stack Developer.

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I'm currently working in Healthcare as a Mid-Level Software Engineer at Kaiser Permanente. My specialty or expertise is in the PERN stack (PostgreSQL, Express, React, NodeJS). Feel free to check out projects that I have built using ReactJS.

I'm always learning something new.

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Netflix Front End

I wanted to learn how Netflix was built, so I replicated the front end and called movie posters from an API.

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Google Clone

We all use google daily. I wanted to clone the search engine to get a better understanding of all the elements that makeup google.com

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Amazon Clone

Amazon.com is probably the best known Full-Stack application and that's why I made sure to attempt to clone it. I obviously didn't conquer all, but I learned alot from what I did incorporate.

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COVID-19 Tracker

There's nothing more real world than a COVID-19 tracker at the beginning of COVID. This Full-Stack Application was fun to build.

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